WordPress Tutorials

Wordpress is such a simple system to use when you want to take control of you own website – but everything is simple, when you know how, right?!

In this section we cover all the WordPress basics. If there is anything you need to know that isn’t covered here or in any other tutorials, hop over to the Facebook group to request a tutorial!

Installing WordPress via CPanel

How to install WordPress on your domain easily using your hosting CPanel

Installing a WordPress Theme

A guide to help you install a wordpress theme to enhance the designa nd functionality of your site

Adding Google Analytics

Google analytics is a great choice for being able to track your site visitors and statistics, but it requires code to be added to each page of your website in the header.

Adding a Page and Setting it as Home

How to add your first WordPress page and set it as your Home page.

Adding a Custom Menu

You can create a custom menu in which YOU choose what to display, including what pages, categories and custom links.

Keeping Your Site Secure from Hackers

Why it is vital and how to do it

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