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Hello and Welcome!

profileThanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet, it’s such a pleasure to have you here. This website is a reflection of my passions, my purpose, my creations, my world. It’s also a hub for all my many Creative Genie services and offerings.

Have a look around you’ll find something here that will inspire or transform you in some way.

Whether it’s my artwork or poetry, my blogs or books, my design services or creative support through the genie academy, my intention with everything I offer in the world is to express the magic that bubbles within and to inspire and transform others.

I’m what could be called a compulsive creator. It’s hard to define myself as I fit into so many boxes – I simply love to connect to the source within, the creative essence, and allow it to flow through me into some form or another.

Alchemy, Magic – Hence the Creative Genie.

Browse the site to explore some of those different channels and forms that my creations have taken. I’m always growing into new avenues for my creative expression.

Of all my many creations, that which continues to bring me the most joy is the family I have created with my husband. We have four beautful sons and I feel blessed every day to be living this magical life and to be living it MY way.

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Get in touch to arrange a chat if you're interested in any of my art or services. You can also connect with me on social media, all my links are below. Skype: lynda.mangoro