Simple Membership Site

A Membership Site is a website which controls acces to contents based on membership levels. How you use this is entirely up to you. You can have one or many membership levels which can be free or paid, fixed price or subscription, and your content can be immediate access or drip fed over time. Here we are going to look at how to use a free WordPress plugin to turn your WordPress site into a basic but effective membership site.

Lesson 1 : Installing Simple membership Plugin

First we need to install the free plugin that will enable us to turn our website into a membership site.

Lesson 2 : Adding a Free Membership Level

Now it’s time to add a free membership level so we can start to control who can see our members content to registered users only.

Lesson 3 : Adding a Paid Membership Level

In this lesson we cover how to add a paid membership level with a one off payment amount.

Lesson 4 : Adding a Subscription Membership Level

In this lesson we look at how to add a subscription membership level, so that you can offer a rolling weekly, monthly, or even annual membership

Lesson 5 : Customising Your Emails

Now we need to customise the emails they’ll receive so they’re not just the standard system emails. This one is pretty quick and simple!

Lesson 6 : Protecting Your Content

Lastly we will look at out how to protect some of our content so it can only be seen by members.

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