All creative genies can get overwhelmed at times… y’know, so passionate and excited that you just want to create it all NOW, but there’s only one of you…. So what to do when overwhelm hits? Here’s what I do (and don’t do!):

DO – STOP! Pushing through does not achieve anything. Creating from a place of stress is counter productive and not good for you or your clients. Step away from the computer.

DON’T – Raid the fridge. Nope not even chocolate. Or wine :). Might feel good for a minute but you’ll just end up feeling even shittier. Nothing wrong with consciously enjoying those things but using them to distract and numb out will ultimately not help.

DO – Get outside. Even just a walk round the block will help to disengage you from the energy of Overwhelm. If you can go somewhere with trees or nature that’s even better. The energy of trees is naturally uplifting.

DON’T – Binge on social media. It’s just more distraction and when you’re feeling overwhelm anyway it will probably just lead to you feeling even more so, comparing yourself to others, trying to keep up. Turn it iff. Let it go. Disengage.

DO – Write write write. Grab a pen and journal or notebook and give yourself permission to just write whatever’s on your mind. Emotions build up. They just need a release, that’s all. As you write you might want to laugh or cry. Go with it. Let it flow. You’ll probably feel a big sigh if relief once you get it out.

DON’T – Beat yourself up. It’s all a natural good. It’s all part of the creative process. You are doing amazingly.

DO – Go to water. Whether it’s the beach, the local pool, or your bath, water is healing and relaxing and after all that emotional release, you need to let yourself relax. Give yourself permission. You deserve it.

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