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Bringing art into business, books, and life, with Lynda Mangoro

The Dream Riders Books

Are you ready to dive into a world of magic and mystery, where the issues faced by one group of teenagers are far stranger than just bullying, and breakups, they also include talking spirits and time travel, to name but a few.

If you’re a book lover and you love all things metaphysical, the Dream Riders are waiting for you…


From books to inspire the young and the grown, to card decks that shine like a sparkly gemstome, if you’d love your project enhanced with beautiful unique illustrations, Lynda can create the perfect art for your project

Designer Websites

The outstanding designer website for coaches, consultants, and creatives, already loaded with everything you need for your biz success…

…and it’s your for only £333!

Essence Unveiled

What if you could have a brand that exposed your essence, felt like art & placed you in the high end business arena? I uncover your truth and awaken your creatrix, cultivating a potent & enchanting brand identity .

Lynda is a talented and creative artist that gets it!

I feel so blessed to have her as the logo and website designer for our international projects. I highly recommend her.

– Lilou Mace

Web Tv Host, International Speaker & Author

Working with Lynda is an absolute joy!

Her creative and branding genius is a given – but what makes collaborating with her so special is that there’s no ego involved, instead it’s as though we’re working in partnership at the highest level, to create the perfect outcome.

– Olivia Stefanino

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