From books to inspire the young and the grown, to card decks that shine like a sparkly gemstome – if you need something enhanced with beautiful illustrations, Lynda can make it happen with an added touch of magic…

Beautiful Bespoke Illustrations for You

I love creating illustrations to enhance the delivery of your message whether through a book, card deck, website, or document.

I’ve created a wide and varied array of illustrations for people ranging from children’s book illustrations such as those I created for author Marc Kuhn’s books Never Goose a Moose, About a Farm, and The 11th Year of Christopher Arthur McDaniels, for Jim & Edette Short’s It’s OK To Like Thunder, Rachel Levy’s The Tale of Martina McTripaw, and Clare Sudbery’s The Secret Cake.

It’s not just children’s books that can be enhanced with illustrations either, I also creatied illustrations for Jennifer Levy-Peck’s Magic at Midlife.

Illustrations aren’t just for books! I loved creating spiritual card illustrations such as those I created for Jolene’s Divine Reminder Cards and Lilou Mace’s Defi des 100 Jours card decks and workbooks.

My artistic skills and passions are diverse and my extensive experience means I can work with you to create illustrations completely tailored to suit your needs, be it for a book, a product, a website, an oracle card deck, or something else entirely. I utilise various methods depending on your needs, from bold, colourful, digital illustrations to black and white line drawings and everything in between.

How Does it work?

This is your project and I am merely a channel to bring through the perfect illustrations for you! We begin by connecting on Skype or phone so I can can start to tune into your project and get a feel for your energy, and together we will begin to create a vision of the illustrations that will work perfectly for you. Then I will start to make the magic happen, keeping you updated every step of the way by sending you sketches and integrating your feedback.

Having a lot of design skills and experience of helping people to self publish their books, I can also offer you the benefit of advice and services regarding layout, image formats, and selecting a printer for your work should you require it.

Genie Time

As what I can do for you is so wide ranging, instead of breaking it all down into separate products, I offer ‘Genie Time’, blocks of hours which you can use for whatever you need me to create. Contact me if you’d like to arrange a chat about your needs, or would like me to make an estimate on how much Genie Time your project might take. You can find out more about Genie Time, along with estimates of hour many hours you might expect different types of projects to take, here.

If you’re ready to go, book in your hours below, and let’s get creating!

Lynda is a talented and creative artist that gets it! I feel so blessed to have her as the logo and website designer for our international projects. I highly recommend her. Lilou Mace

Web TV Host & Author, Lilou Mace TV

Lynda’s creative abilities amaze me, she is clearly working in her zone of genius. I feel very blessed to work with someone that works from her heart with such love, enthusiasm and total commitment. I higher recommend working with Lynda. Katie Speed

Intuitive Guide, Shimlaya

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