Just look at us, people of all shapes and sizes
In all kinds of masks, such varied disguises
Dancing together a merry old jig
Singing of problems both small and big
Elaborate tales together are weaved
Of how one was hurt, another deceived
Occasional laughter, successes and gains
Strike a sweet note and drown out the pain
The story keeps building, the structure grows strong
As more and more people they sing the same song
So easy to pick up the script and join in
Raising your voice to be heard in the din
The melody borrowed doesn’t feel like your own
Foreign words on the songsheet, the wrong key and tone
Yet still you sing on, because that’s what we do
Don that mask and fit in, plough on, make do
But inside you long to sing your own song
It bursts in your heart, the urge is so strong
No! Cries your mind, so desperate to hide
Put a lid on desire, keep it locked inside
If you let it out, you’ll be different, stand out
Everyone will laugh, they’ll point and shout
Well I’m here to invite you to quiet your mind
Your heart knows the truth, listen, see what you find
Turn to another and look in their eyes
Beyond their mask, behind their disguise
I think you will find that their truth there lies
A truth that your own heart will recognise
They too have a song that they long to sing
But they too fear rejection more than anything
All they really want is to matter, you see
To be seen and heard, permission to be free
This gift you can give to all for whom you care
Support and encouragement is yours to share
In opening the cage in which they are trapped
Of your own cage you are also releasing the latch
And so forms a world of true liberty
From old scripts and stories we are finally free
Just look at us people, naked and true
Perfection so glorious, through and through