Dear Body,

I am sorry for the times I have abused you and the physical harm I caused you through the consumption of poisons and chemicals in an attempt dull or numb the pain and confusion of this world at times when I was lost in the gap between false ego self and true soul self, and desperately trying to fit in someplace.

I am sorry for the times I have neglected you, for disregarding your needs and failing to serve you as you have so faithfully served me. I am sorry for the times I have been lazy and scared of the physical work to keep you strong and fit and healthy, that some part of me deemed ‘too hard’, seeing you as unworthy.

I am sorry for the times I have insulted you, constantly and incessantly comparing you to others and finding you ‘not good enough’. I am sorry for the superficial faults I insist on finding with you, which I know are in fact a projection of some deeper judgements I hold about myself.

Dear body, you are a gift to me. A wonderful, beautiful, perfect gift. You are a complex mechanism of trillions of cells all working together in an exquisite ballet, born of me and for me, responding to my needs and desires. I feel so much gratitude for the many ways in which you serve me. You are my vehicle to navigate this physical world. You allow me to communicate with others, to move through space, to breathe the holy life force. You bring me so much pleasure too – when I walk, when I run, when I dance, when I laugh, when I sing, when I cry, when I hug and when I join in union with another through lovemaking. You are me, expressed.

I make a commitment to you now, dear body, to honour you and love you in the way you deserve. I commit to protecting you from harmful substances, thoughts, and from neglect. I commit to nurturing you with nutritional foods and water. I commit to exercising you that you may continue to serve me. I commit to seeing and knowing your perfect beauty.

Thank you, dear body, thank you.