I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because understanding, digesting, and embracing this truth is a game changer – you possess the most potent power that exists: The Power of Creation.

I’ve written a few posts about this in the past, like this one, exploring Your Creative Super Power and this one, about Beginning to Create Your Life Consciously. Today, however, I feel compelled to discuss your other super powers, all of which combine to make you the master creator you are. In order to become a conscious creator, it’s helpful to understand just how powerful really you are. Your powers are numerous and extensive. Unlimited, in fact. Here I will outline and briefly explore the nine powers that we all possess which I feel are key in the process of becoming a conscious creator.

1: The Power of Observation

Have you heard of the Observer Effect? Fundamental to contemporary quantum theory is the notion that nothing exists as a physical form until it is observed. Nothing can manifest in our physical universe until it is observed, or witnessed. Nothing exists unless there is an awareness to observe its existence. Further still, the physical form manifests in accordance to the expectations of the observer. What does this mean in simple terms? It means that your very consciousness is shaping the world around you. Now, as a multidimensional being, your consciousness exists on many levels, some of which your lower mind is unable to even comprehend due to its lower vibration. Keep in mind how extraordinarily powerful observation is as we discuss your other super powers, and you will soon begin to see how you can combine these gifts in order to create a life of abundance, success, and fulfillment. You have the ability to utilise the power of observation as part of the process of conscious creation.

2: The Power of Belief

What you believe to be true, is true for you. You have the power to shape your reality with your beliefs. Have you heard of the placebo effect? This is when somebody with a physical ailment takes a medication believing it has proven therapeutic effects for his or her condition, but it actually doesn’t. This inert medication is known as a placebo. A placebo can also be given in the form of a therapy or surgery. Placebo treatment has been reported to cause an actual physical improvement in the condition or relief in the symptoms experienced by the patient in around 30% of cases. This is just one means of demonstrating the power of belief. Look around and see for yourself – think of those people you know who think positively and approach life with an attitude that ‘anything is possible’. Such people often experience far more success and happiness than those who limit their life experience with limiting beliefs. That which you believe to be true, is true for you.

3: The Power of Story

You are a master storyteller. It’s how you have learned to give structure to your world. You have defined yourself by a series of stories that you tell to yourself and to others. Every small part of you, every little aspect, has many stories that it tells – these stories are how you maintain your construct of the world. If you have experienced lack in your life, it’s likely that you have many false beliefs about your ability to be abundant and you are telling the story of lack. This part of you, this part that experienced lack and keeps telling the story of lack, is a very real (in as much as anything is) part of you, and needs to be recognised, and integrated with your higher consciousness. If you have experienced ill health, one of your lessons is to learn (or remember) is the truth that you are a refection of the perfection of perfect divinity and illness is only created from any belief otherwise. The same goes for all aspects of life that seem negative, limited, less than wonderful. None of these things are bad, unless you perceive them to be, they are merely opportunities for you to break the pattern, see the truth, and then we never have to experience them again. Unless we choose to. This is true in all areas of your life. You can begin to really examine your world and see for yourself how you have created the situations you are experiencing by the stories you tell. See the power of story? See how it shapes your entire life? You also have the power to write a new story for yourself now.

4: The Power of Compassion

Compassion is so important. Compassion allows you to open your heart in acceptance. I am talking about compassion towards other people, yes, but I am also talking about compassion towards yourself. Really, they are one and the same thing, since there is only one of you in the room and all ‘others’ are actually a projection of some aspect of yourself (but that’s outside the scope of this post). When you discover your shadow aspects as you inevitably will as you move through your life journey and begin the process of self discovery, and likewise, when you find yourself being triggered by somebody in your life (whether in anger, jealousy, annoyance, judgment, blame, or any other such emotion), stop for a moment. Become the observer. Breathe. See the shadow aspect or person with divine eyes. See that they are doing the best they can with the tools they have. They need only love and acceptance, and you can provide them with that. This process is called integration. To the extent that you can be compassionate towards your shadow aspects, you will find the emotional charge removed from those people who represented that shadow aspect in your life. Compassion lifts you higher.

5: The Power of Courage

Sometimes in life just a few seconds of courage can change everything. Courage isn’t absence of fear, courage is taking action despite your fear. It is the only way to expand and grown, for fear is a response of the lower self, the lower mind. Fear is your ego voice urging you to play small and stay safe. It’s the voice of your shadow. Fear always tells a lie. In taking courage, you are acting from a higher part of yourself that knows the truth. In taking action despite your fear instead of running and hiding, you are changing the patterns of the lower mind. You are expanding what is possible for you, you are widening your horizons. Open yourself up, reveal your authentic self, stand out from the crowd, tell the truth, tell someone how you feel, do something that feels great even if it scares you! Being brave instead of retreating into your shell will open up worlds of possibilities for you. Go on, you can do it!

6: The Power of Desire

There may be many things you desire in your life. A new love relationship, a new job, a change of career, a beautiful house in the country, more travel. This is wonderful, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t or shouldn’t have any of these things. But first, you need to understand that it is not really these things you want at all. It is the quality that these things express for you that you are really desiring. When you can identify that quality, you will know what your  soul is seeking to embody. Desire is your soul’s way of calling you towards expansion and expression – to become more and more of all you can be, to fulfill more and more of your potential. Just be sure to identify the source of your desires and ensure you are acting on soul desires as opposed to shadow desires (distractions and synthetic highs). That feeling of passion when you tune into your desires, that fire in the heart, that enthusiasm that makes you breathe more deeply and smile more brightly, is an indicator that you are right on track. Passionate enthusiasm is the feeling of divine sacred purpose being embraced. When you feel passionate about something, when it consumes your very heart and you simply can’t not  do it, you know you are working in alignment with your highest good, you are doing your soul work. The power of desire can lead you there.

7: The Power of Imagination

Somebody imagined everything you experience in your material world before it came into existence, and you experience it because you adopted the belief in it from a young age. You have the power to create something entirely new from your imagination! Allow yourself to wander in your imagination, to take a stroll through the garden of potential, a swim in the sea of possibility, where all is formless, where nothing and everything exist all at once, where you can take a paintbrush and create ANYTHING you desire! Why constrain your life to that which others have imagined before you? Use your imagination – be a creative pioneer!

8: The Power of Faith

Faith is the power of trusting in the unknowable. The mind is of a lower energy vibration than your higher soul self and as such there is only so much your mind can know. In order to allow for something new to manifest in your life, something more than you have previously experienced, you have to be willing to allow something larger than your mind to come into play. You have to use the power of  faith to co-create with the powerful creative forces of the universe. You want to hold the essence of that which you desire to create but also allow for that higher part of yourself that transcends your limited mind and is in fact unlimited potential. It’s like a balancing act. In your mind you form a vision of that which you desire but you also hold an awareness that the actualisation of the vision could be so much more than the vision itself. It’s this space of allowing for anything that enables us to create amazing things. There are powerful forces at play in the universe and they can only work for you when you have faith in them.

9: The Power of Intuition

You have an inner tutor, a teacher that is always available to guide you on your path. In fact, this inner tutor has been whispering to you since the day you arrived on this Earth – it is the voice of intuition, and you feel it as a gentle knowing. You can trust this voice, for it is wise. It knows more of your path than your limited mind, it sees the bigger picture. You are not alone on this journey, in fact, you have so many guides and supporters it is astounding! These guides and supporters are, like everything, a part of your very consciousness and we are intrinsically connected to them. These guides and supporters, as aspects of our very higher consciousness, are often communicating with us in order to comfort us. They send us signs, or guide us in a certain direction that is aligned with out path and purpose. This communication can come through dreams, random thoughts, and even through manifested forms such as books, videos, messages from people, and anything that strikes you as significant. Allow the power of your intuition to guide you on your journey.

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