Magnificent, potent, energy abounds
Stop for a moment and look around
Look with eyes not of mind, but eyes of soul
Let go of the plans, and detach from the goal
Breathe into the core of your being now
Feel your walls melting, open, allow
In this very moment set yourself free
Soar into the light, by Godly decree
Let it be perfect, let it be all
Let yourself go, let yourself fall
Inhale the magic that showers you so
Exhaling shadow as deeper you go
Breathing the light into corners unknown
In this fertile ground the seeds are sown
Worry and need and fears all cease
Softly you float in this sweet release
Unified now, connected again
Hearts unite of all women and men
In this perfect moment we know we are one
Clarity washes as bright as the sun
Elevated to a higher life plane
Go forth now siblings, to your new domain

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