I got to pondering this morning, as I so often do, lying in my bed in gazing at the sky outside my window in the early hours while, my family slept soundly and my world slowly awakened. I was pondering how my soul calls to me, in so many ways, and how over the years as I have learned to recognise and intuitively respond to the call, it’s call has become even clearer and more easily recognised to the point where my life now flows in a dance of the divine with only minimal interference and resistance from my lower mind. It’s a magical way to live.

I use the term soul interchangeably with many other terms; higher self, source self, true self, the list goes on. You may notice me using alternative words in my posts – that’s because I don’t like to be limited by definitions. Words are simply tools with which to convey feelings, stories, and wisdom, and words have different connotations to different readers, so I use the words that feel right to me at the time. I like to mix it up a little. What I mean here by the word soul is the part of us that exists on a higher energetic frequency, a higher vibration, than the physical self. Our physical selves and the material world we experience are of a lower energetic vibration and are defined by the limited perception of the lower mind. The soul exists on a higher vibration – closer to the frequency of the divine source of all that is, or God. When I refer to ‘you’, I am talking to your mind consciousness, the part of you that is usually conscious you in this current world.

Your soul is the deepest, truest part of you. It is the producer, producing the play of your life, it is the artist, painting your masterpiece. Your soul is your highest perception – it sees all, it knows all, it is all, for it is creating all. That’s right, your soul, an aspect of all that is, is creating this very world you experience. Your soul created this world for you and mapped out your life and it created your physical self and your lower mind with which to navigate this world, this life. The main purpose of which is to reawaken to the truth of what you are through experience, through knowing. This means living through contrast, knowing through apparent ‘other’. For in reality, there is no other, there is only limitless, perfect, oneness. You created this world of ‘other’ that you may have a reference point to know your divine magnificence.

It’s complicated for the mind to understand, right? Sometimes it seems too much for the mind to comprehend. That’s because unlike your soul, your mind is limited by the conditioning and constraints of the material world with which it vibrates. But these boundaries of your mind aren’t definitive – like everything, it is only a matter of perception. And we can expand what the mind can perceive, can comprehend, can accept.

But I digress – back to the soul. Before we get to how your soul communicates with you, we need to understand how it is creating the material world you experience. Think of your soul as a really complex, self-aware computer program, more hi-tec than anything you have seen or experienced in this world. A game; the game of YOU. Now think of your material world as the screen on which the game is projected. but it’s important to understand it is all made from the energy, the consciousness, of YOUR soul. So your soul programmed this whole game, this whole world, and mapped out different levels, different stories for you to experience. And it created different characters for you to interact with. And the really clever part is that all these different characters, while playing a role in your game, are also playing their own game. On a soul level they are all connected, all choosing these interactions.

Then your soul created YOU from it’s very own consciousness (by lowering the vibration or an aspect of itself) and projected you right there on the screen of your life at your chosen starting point with your chosen characters of origin (family). So suddenly there you are in this projected world, which to you is everything, and you start to be conditioned and programmed by the world around you, the world t thinks is your entire reality. You adopt the stories, beliefs, expectations and limitations of that world. You grow up and start to define yourself by those stories, beliefs, expectations and limitations. Stories about, who you are, how you should be in the world and what is possible for you. And it’s all perfect. It’s all part of the game. Your soul set up this programming in the early stages of the game, chose for you to forget the truth of what you are, so that your life could lead you on a journey of remembering; or re-awakening.

Your soul didn’t just dump you there in the game and leave you to fend for yourself. No, that’s impossible. Because you are not separate to your soul – you are a projection of you soul, therefore constantly connected to your soul. This game of life is a game of perception, it’s a game of consciousness. Your soul is there constantly, and it leads you through this game It wants you to expand, to grow, to remember, for as you do so you raise the vibration of your material world, you embody more and more of your soul, and you are free to release yourself from the limited programming and freely change and recreate all aspects of the world, the projection, you experience at will.
And so you understand your dual nature. You ARE this self that is projected here in this world you are experiencing but you are also so much more than that – for you are your soul also, the creator it it all. It is in embracing this duality that you become whole.

You soul is calling. Are you answering? Your soul calls in many ways. Sometimes it whispers in the dark, but it’s language isn’t always words, it can be feelings, knowings, intuition, it leads you on the path that it intended for you. Your deepest desires, that which makes you feel good, that about which you are passionate, these things are the language of the soul. Learn to trust that voice inside – you know the one I mean. For when you trust it, you can’t go wrong. And the voice becomes louder, more powerful. At first the voice of your lower mind will try to drown it out with doubts, and worries and reasoning. It will tell you to do what’s safe, to do what will be acceptable to others, to your family, to society. But this is the voice of the limited mind – this part of you knows no better. Listen to the softer voice of your soul, follow your heart. It will go against everything you believe is right and safe, but you have to take that leap in order to grow into what you know you are. See the whole picture – you KNOW what you really are, and you know why you are here.

Your soul self communicates with you in other ways too. As you start to listen to it’s call, it’s call will become louder. It’s communication can and will take on so many forms. It will create new characters in your game, who will bear specific messages for you. They will appear as if by magic – teachers, and you will gasp in awe at how this person appeared so coincidentally in alignment with your desires. Not just people – books, opportunities, experiences. We call them synchronicities. When you start to dance in the language of the soul you become the creator – you expand yourself to a point where you are aware that you are creating it all. You are unlimited.

I am not talking theoretically here. I have experienced all of this in my own life. I KNOW it to be true. I have walked through many levels of the game of me. I remember well the levels where I truly believed I was a product of the world, and that life was happening to me. A teenager with many stories, many issues, a victim. But at the same time there was always this knowing that my mind couldn’t grasp – this connection that was felt, not understood, this connection to some larger part of me. And through my creativity, through my art and my writing, i kept this connection strong. While my lower mind still drove me through more stories, I was also growing more and more aware of this larger part of me. It was like I was full of fear, but fearless too. Invincible in some way – because we are – when you look at the big picture. We are invincible We can’t go wrong. All those things we fear are products of the projection – the game. These fears mean nothing when you look at the bigger picture.

And so even as a confused teenager there was this wise part of me that I kept tucked away just out of reach of my consciousness. As a teenage mum, with a very sick baby, who by the rules of the physical world shouldn’t have survived, the calling of my soul grew louder. It spoke to me as a deep knowing inside that I could control the reality I experienced through belief, and faith, and will. My baby survived and thrived, and I grew into more of myself. And I wondered more about the world, I lived in a sate of possibility, and because I was open to anything being possible, my soul filled up those possibilities. My soul communicated with me largely through books. They would just appear, the most amazing books about all this which I am now sharing with you. And each time I gasped in amazement at how these things would appear, but at the same time some part of me wasn’t surprised.

I had left school with no qualifications, because of my ‘story’, because of the circumstances that surrounded me at that time of my life. I was a teenage mother. By the rules and expectations of the world I shouldn’t have been ‘successful’. But I am. I went to university and gained a degree in multimedia systems, even with two young children. I left and got a job with a top web development company. We bought a house. We put the children in childcare, worked 9-5, had good careers. But that’s not what made me successful. What made me successful was that I listened to the calls of my soul. My soul told me when it was time to leave my job for it yearned for something more – it yearned for expression. SO I listened. I left my job. I did what I was passionate about. I worked hard, I created. I followed my heart wherever it led. It led me to create art, and to write. And because I listened to my soul, my soul created in alignment with my desires – it plopped new characters into my game – clients – people I completely resonated with. It materialised many opportunities, and experiences onto my screen along the way. Like being invited to America to meet James Redfield, author of one of the massively inspirational books in my life; The Celestine Prophecy, just days after saying I wanted to meet him. That is just one example. There have been so many synchronicities along the way I would need to write an entire book.

Let’s just say that today my business is thriving – I do what I love but that is not limited to one thing – my creativity is constantly finding new ways of expressing itself and I rarely advertise myself because the perfect clients keep just appearing. I get to serve people by doing what I love with a passion. I am a published author. I create art in many forms. I am blissfully married with three wonderful sons. I am healthy and fit. We live in a beautiful home, surrounded by nature. We take holidays and travel to wonderful locations. I have a fabulous network of friends who support, love , and accept me. I am now also a teacher – teaching both young people and adults through workshops, and who knows what will come net! None of these things are what makes me successful. In fact, these things are a reflection, or projection of success. What makes me successful is my willingness to listen to my soul’s calling. My ability to accept the duality of my nature. My understanding that I can’t understand it all, and my willingness to let go of the control of my mind and allow for the larger part of me, my soul, to play the game.

Look at the big picture and just imagine what is possible for you. Are you listening to your soul’s calling?