Everything is energy – even things that appear solid. This whole world is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Whatever its form, the energy of your world all originates from the same source – the same creative essence. You too originate from this creative essence. It is pure, intelligent, conscious, potent energy and it is the very core of what you are.

You are a creative master, creating the very world you experience. The forms of your world (including people, opportunities, and things) shift in response to your thoughts, beliefs, and desires. Have you ever looked at really successful people, people who seem to ‘have it all’, people who seem to experience no problems – they have all the money they desire, all the things they desire, the relationships they desire, they do what they love – and wondered how they get so lucky? Well the answer is, they don’t! There is no such thing as luck – successful people simply have different beliefs and expectations.

Our beliefs and expectations are the tools with which we shape our world. Start examining your own beliefs and expectations. Are they limited? Do you have boundaries on what you believe is possible for you? It is entirely possible you have been conditioned, programmed in a way, with limiting thoughts and beliefs. To some extent we all have! Often our parents, our teachers, our friends, anyone who is influential in our formative years, pass down to us their own limiting beliefs and expectations. How many times have you heard the saying ‘money doesn’t grown on trees’? And that’s just one small example!

Money, like everything else, is actually limitless. It is just yet another form of energy and as we already discussed, we have access to an unlimited well of creative essence which we can direct to manifest as anything we desire in our lives. It is only our own thoughts beliefs and expectations which limit the supply of that which shows up. As you follow the trail of your limiting beliefs you will likely uncover more and more… that’s ok, keep going! keep uncovering them and keep telling the truth about them!

It’s important not to start to apportion blame for your beliefs and expectations – ‘it’s my mother’s fault I have no money because she always told me it was wrong to want more’, or ‘it’s my uncle’s fault I’m single because he taught me a happy relationship only exists in a fairy tale’. This is shifting responsibility from your own shoulders – laying the blame on others for your experience, and this is the quickest way to stay stuck in a cycle. You need to start taking responsibility for your own beliefs and expectations – it doesn’t matter where they appear to have come from – they actually came from you originally and the outside people and forms were acting as a mirror to shine them back to you, so you can choose, can decide to remember the truth! Yes, you are creating it all, and only when yo take responsibility for it all can you begin to create consciously.

Instead of creating your life unconsciously through the thoughts and beliefs that you have adopted from others, or negative patterns of thinking, resulting in a life of undesired situations repeatedly playing out for you, why not take control and begin to create consciously. Take responsibility for the creations in your life and tune in to your creative essence. It is a joyful and empowering experience which will lead you on a journey to a life of passion, purpose, and fulfillment. This is the journey of life – it is a journey inward, a beautiful, magical journey into you!