In this theatre of my life
I’ve been so many things

I’ve been the hero centre stage
I’ve prompted from the wings
I’ve been the angry villain
And the damsel in distress
I’ve read my lines, detached at times
And others I’ve possessed
Some acts I’ve stumbled through in fear
Through others I’ve stood tall
Some parts I didn’t want to claim
To some I gave my all
Some characters I lost Me in
Believing They were I
Unfelt emotions kept me stuck
Repeating storylines
Now I know they all are me
Each character is mine
So I feel it all with thanks
Each act, and every line
I play each part right from my heart
Each leap and every fall
And I, director, shall take my bow
When we reach the curtain call

– Lynda Louise Mangoro

Thank you for reading my poetry, they are my deepest self laid bare. I would like to offer you a free book with a selection of my poems Swimming in Essence: Poetry by Lynda Louise Mangoro. If you enjoy, please share with your friends.