Winds of turmoil, Fearful rain
Chaos is a hurricane

Let it pummel, let it pound
Let it wear resistance down
Patterns, fears and false beliefs
Drifting mess of old debris
Temptation whispers, clutch them tight
Grab them and cling on for life
But instead I watch them bob
And let out a grateful sob
Welcoming these storms of change
No need to own, control, arrange
For I’m the wind and I’m the rain
I’m the fear and I’m the pain
I know this storm will do no harm
For as I’m chaos, so I’m calm
As I’m the voice of change that calls
So I’m the vessel that holds it all
Let the winds of turmoil howl
Let them clear and freshen now
Let the fearful rain pelt down
Carving new paths in my ground
Let chaos in it’s beauty be
Swirling round inside of me
For as I breathe and lift my face
A beam of light my world does grace

– Lynda Louise Mangoro

Thank you for reading my poetry, they are my deepest self laid bare. I would like to offer you a free book with a selection of my poems Swimming in Essence: Poetry by Lynda Louise Mangoro. If you enjoy, please share with your friends.