Nothing is Solid

We think of our world as solid, we think of matter as solid, definite, unchanging – tables, chairs, rocks, mountains, even our own bodies – but they’re not – they’re all made from energy in flux, in constant motion, always shifting – particles, moving together to form the world we see around us.

The building blocks of everything in this three dimensional world, the smallest amount of the substance that makes up everything, are atoms. When scientists looked inside an atom, they didn’t find more ‘stuff’, they found that 99.999999% (or there abouts) was space. Yes – EMPTY SPACE – the majority the inside of every atom is NOTHING. And if atoms are the building blocks of all the other stuff we see around us (excuse my rather un-scientific terminology, trying to explain it the only way my brain could understand it!), that must mean that this three dimensional world is mostly empty space.

Isn’t that amazing?

The other fraction of a percent inside the atom is the protons, neutrons, and electrons, and the centre of the cell which is the nucleus and – get this – apparently, even those small parts are constantly vanishing and reappearing and scientists are baffled and have no idea where they go (another dimension???)!!!!

So – if the stuff that makes up our world, that we thought of as solid, is actually largely empty space – what is in all that empty space? Well it’s not really empty – that’s just how it appears in the physical world. It’s teeming with sub-atomic particles which are actually energy, orbiting the nucleus.

Everything is made of energy. Even us.

And that energy, at it’s core – the source that is inside of all things, that is the substance of all things, that makes and creates all things, that IS all things – that energy is intelligent. Yes, it’s conscious. Call it God, Source, the Creator, use whatever terminology works for you. This world (and probably multiple others) are made from one core essence that is conscious and intelligent and constantly creating everything.

How? Because the atoms respond to that intelligent energy – respond to its will, its ideas, and move to create particles, to create things in response to those ideas. This is the process of creation.