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Pet Portraits by Lynda

Capture the unique personality and expressions of your beloved pet in a treasured piece of art that you can cherish for a lifetime – for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Lynda takes great care in drawing every pet portraits, ensuring that every portrait is a true reflection of the pet’s character and a timeless reminder of the bond your share.

Lil Paws Greeting Cards

Inspired by her gorgeous Springer Spaniel puppy River, Lynda is creating a range of greetings cards featuring this adorable pup. Starting with these Christmas cards, there will soon be cards for all occassions available to order , from birthdays to Valentines and everything in between.

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Meet Lynda

Lynda Mangoro is an artist, designer, and illustrator whose passion and purpose is capturing the beauty she sees and feels in the world both around her and within her and translating it into creations that bring a touch of magic to the beholder.

From portraits to fantasy art, from children’s book illustrations to graphic design, Lynda’s art is as wide and varied as the endless possibilities of our innate creative nature.

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“Embracing our creativity enables us to tap into our magic powers and create our entire lives consciously”

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