Finally make that dream of becoming a kids book author a reality…

Kids Book Magic will give you all the tools and guidance you need to create your magical kids book and get it out there in the world, inspiriing young peopel everywhere


What you get on the course…


Planning & Inspiration:

Here we do the important mindset work that will become the foundation for your book. Getting clear on your why to fire your motivation and keep you going through the resistance that often arises for writers, exploring the message and themes you want to convey through your story

Design & Layout

An aspect fo self publishing that often bewilders aspiring writers is how to put it all together and turn the story into an actual book. In this section I show you exactly how to do this – including the best print on demand service available, the best software to use, how to lay out your book, and what pages need to be included to take all of the guesswork and frustration out of the process

Publishing & Production

Here we cover how to obtain your ISBN number, how to create print ready files for your book interior and cover, how to upload all the files and check the proof to make sure everything is in order – and then the exciting part of ordering your first author copies and setting your book up to be automatically distributed via all the major online retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so that your book really does go from being a dream to thing an actual reality

Writing Your Book

In this section we look at story structure and character development to ensure you can convey your message in a way that is compelling and memorable for your audience (and their parents!).to ensure that your story the best it can be

Illustrating Your Book

Whether you choose to create your own illustrations or hire an illustrator, this section covers everything you need to know, including where to find an illustrator and the most important questions to ask them to ensure your books illustrations feel perfect to represent your story, as well as what to expect from them and hw much it might cost. For those who wish to create your own illustrations, I share videos of the full process of how I create the magical illustrations for my own and my client’s books

Marketing & Selling

Many creatives and authors love the creation part and neglect the very important work that needs to happen after your book is complete, to ensure that it reaches a wide audience and beings you an abundant financial return. Here I share different routes to marketing and selling your book

BONUS 1 - Author Interviews

You will also have access to my suite of interviews with children’s authors who have been there and down that, and candidly give you the benefit of their experience and share what worked for them and what didn’t – including a NYT Bestselling author with over 1 million copies sold


BONUS 2 - Conscious Kids Book Club

You will be one of the founding members of the Conscious Kid’s Authors Club which we wilkl launch in order to support each other on this journey of creating our kids books and sharing them in the world – it will be a platform to connect, share, and find new ways to grow our reach and inspire ever more young people

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