Gorgeous bespoke Websites that Work

No more website shame! Are you tired of having an outdated website that just sits there doing nothing? aybe you need a bespoke designer website that combines beauty and function, soul and strategy…

Website shame, begone!

Beautiful websites that work perfectly for you and your biz in today’s ever changing entrepreneurial internet-world.

Many of my clients come to me with a site that’s out-dated, lacking in purpose, and that they’re embarrassed to send people to. Yet they’re not sure what to do or what they need.

They’re getting different messages from all over the place. There are many new marketing systems that claim to have made websites obsolete, that tell you that all you need is this system or this funnel and your biz will run itself. But they’re only telling half the story.

Because from what my clients have told me over and over, they don’t just want an automated system that has no soul and reveals none of their beautiful essence and passion to the world, yet they know they need something more than the business card site they’ve had for years.

I feel their pain, and I tell them what I will tell you now: You can have it all!

Yes, it is entirely possible to have a stunning professional cutting edge website that oozes with your passion and purpose, shining your essence from the screen AND also captures leads and makes sales for your business.

A website that is a home for your business, a hub for your online presence, and that is completely adaptable and extendable to your needs.

A website independent of social media and marketing systems but that can easily integrate with any such systems you choose and is therefore 100% yours and will not disappear should a social media channel or marketing platform decide to close or should you decide to choose another.

If this is calling to you and finally your heart and soul are crying YES, then let me tell you how I can create such a website for you.

What Can I Create for You?

I’m an artist primarily, and I love to capture soul beauty in everything I create, to connect with your source essence and bring it to life in your branding and design elements.

I’m also a passionate advocate of technology. I’ve been creating websites since the early days – when we actually coded the entire thing by hand! – and I’ve followed the advance of web technologies closely.

When I left the London website development company I worked for I decided to use my gifts and skills to support spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and authors, and creating websites for them is one of the ways in which I’ve been doing that.

Website technology has changed a lot over the last decade and one thing is clear – WordPress has become the solid lead choice for creating websites for small businesses. All of my websites are built using this completely customisable, adaptable, and extendable system combined with Divi theme which allows for the creation of awesome modern pages and seamless integration with the best marketing, social media, and ecommerce plugins.

After extensive experience I know these technologies inside out – so you are in safe hands. If you choose to co-create your website with me I will combine your beautiful soul branding with the best web technologies and marketing strategies to ensure your website completely and totally works for you!

I’m Ready! Let’s do this…

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I had an idea of what I wanted my site to look like. Working with Lynda to interpret it was a joy. Lynda is very creative and she shared lots of examples so that I had more clarity. Lynda worked patiently with me to produce my beautiful website. It is more than I could have imagined! Lynda is very intuitive and understands her client’s needs. I think she is a creative genius to have produced my website from the information I provided. Thank you again for everything. Beverley Bramwell

Working with Lynda is like a dream come true. She gets exactly the message you’re trying to convey in your copy and then makes it so beautiful rich and inspiring on the page. These days online we have to give more attention to the look and feel of all websites and so if you’re looking for a sensitive, intuitive and talented designer then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lynda! Call her now before she gets snapped up on retainer! Katharine Dever

Lynda Mangoro, truly is a Creative Genie. Over this last year I have transferred all my website design and management to Lynda who truly gets where I am coming from as a woman and therapist so that she was able to interpret my brief and create stunning simple websites that contain all the information and functionality but also the multi-sensory feel that is both professional and also stunningly beautiful. Working with her is a joy and I look forward to collaborating with her for many years to come. Janet O'Keefe

Working with Lynda is a dream come true , not only does she bring my vision into tangible and the most stylish form that represents the CityGirl brand perfectly but she’s also highly effecient and reliable, sometimes completing major sales pages for me within 24hrs! Now that’s what every entrepreneur needs. I’ve enjoyed working with Lynda so much that I’ve even referred my own clients too. Grace Kelly