To become fully activated creative genies and command success, wealth and joy in all areas of our lives, we have (inner) work to do
The good news is, we’re already magical, we know how to access source essence – the very fabric of all that is – and literally create beauty from seemingly nothing
So once we turn our attention in the right direction and heal the starving artist wound, it becomes easy to create our fullest vision of life…
… did I say easy? Well, easy as long as you’re willing to go there, into your deepest darkest realms, to do the work and bridge the gap that exists inside you
The gap between joy and money
The belief that both can’t co-exist within you at once
The habit of selling out your artist and casting aside your creativity
Trying to do the sensible thing, to grow up and live in the real world
Trying to earn money through thought and logic, through work and effort
Juggling a million projects, getting a creative buzz but still struggling to pay the bills
It’s not your fault, you were programmed this way
Artists, musicians, writers, creatives… we’ve been conditioned this way for many years, the potency of our creativity suppressed in order to stop us becoming too powerful
But it’s time to change that
It’s time for the new renaissance
The truth is when you step fully into your creative genie power and unite all aspects of yourself, you become limitless
Your life becomes your canvas
When you are fully expressed in the world, the world becomes yours to create
Wealth flows through you as naturally as your creative vision
I’ve been doing this work for years
Healing the wounds
Bridging the gap
Gently giving myself permission to be the artist I truly am
I’ve gone from working in a corporate web development company, feeling like a complete misfit, to creating a design business where my ideal clients were magnetised to me
Yet I was still operating with some of the old conditioning, limiting my potential, not fully expressing myself
So I dug deeper, delved even further within
Healed more wounds, learned more truths
And I continue to do so
I’ve created a beautiful life where I can be fully expressed
Through my art, my writing, my family, my marriage, my friendships
And I’m passing on those gifts to my children
The gift of permission
To be the creative genie and live a magical and harmonious life
Are you ready to do the work and become fully activated creative genies?
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