I was thinking about relationships. A few people have asked me the ‘secret’ to our happy and long lasting relationship and there’s no secret, just simply love at a soul level.

When you love the soul of someone from your own soul, you have found the key to unconditional love.

I think it’s true of romantic relationships and friendships alike. All relationships maybe.

If you love only at and from a level of personality then disappointment will come, because we all change, it’s in our nature, we wear and discard personalities as we grow and learn and shift…you will change, they will change, and if your love and expectations are based soley on the personality, there will be a gap. You might fall into it. The you can get caught up in power plays, and blame, and judgement.

Sometimes that’s ok, sometimes you choose each other to aid that transition at various stages in your life and that’s your contract together and then the relationship is done.

But soul love… your soul is who you truly are and when you love each other at a soul level personality becomes irrelevant because you see and feel so much deeper than that.

Sure there will be times when you both move so fully into your personality you forget… especially when you’re going through those transitions in life. You become mirrors for each other, but that’s the power of soul relationships, you honour, respect and support each other’s growth unconditionally and your growth becomes intertwined.

Sometimes you’ll be drawn into those personality issues and get caught up in tiny things like who does the dishes more and bigger things like differing perspectives on your life vision. We’re all human after all, it’s why we chose to come here and exist in these bodies on this planet and live these lives. And sometimes you might feel the gap between you.

But soul love bridges the gap and you can always come back home to soul because that’s who you are, united, and that’s the commitment you have made to each other.

Soul love. It’s no secret, it’s just my truth.


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