This morning I had the biggest revelation I’ve ever had about money and abundance, or at least lack of it, and I just had to share it with the world! My revelation has to do with boobs, and the Rolling Stones. Well, kind of. It was one of those real ‘aha’ moments, those game changers that you just know will be a turning point in life.

My revelation follows a pretty intense theta healing session last night. For those who don’t know what theta healing is, well, nor did I until a few days ago! I’m sure google will explain it much better than I could, and I want to remain focused on the point of the post. Suffice to say when the lovely Danica Apolline, who performed the healing session over skype, told me she was going to terminate all my long standing contracts to do with lack, I was ecstatic but I would be lying to say there wasn’t a part of me that was skeptical. Not skeptical of Danica’s skills as a healer, or of the energy healing itself – I’m extremely open minded (aka weird, a hippy, ya know, a little bit woo, willing to entertain the oddest of notions) and have experienced many miraculous happenings in my own life. My skepticism was from the part of me that apparently held those energetic contracts of lack and believed on some deep level that I would never be financially abundant – I simply had no blueprint for it. However, I embarked on the healing session with a large degree of excitement and it was a truly wonderful hour – I could literally feel the energetic shifts happening as Danica did her thang! Loads of stuff came up around causes and effects of my lack stories and she did lots of clearing. By the end of it I was practically floating I felt so light – what an immense relief after at least a year of feeling heavy and cluttered, worried, and, well, hectic.

All of this is kind of irrelevant but it sets the scene quite well, I feel, for my revelation. Following my healing session I had one of those gorgeous really deep, up-til-the-early-hours heart to hearts with my man, Mike, whom has been my partner on this crazy journey for 18 years and also a partner, evidently, in my ‘lack’ contracts for the same amount of time. So we talked over everything I went to bed feeling delightfully lucid. That is to say, I realised how much I’d slipped back into the stories over the last couple of years, those constructs that have defined my life. This healing session lifted me once again to the perspective of the lucid dreamer from where could see the dream me so invested in those stories and definitions of my dream self. But we ARE the dreamer as well as the dreamed and we DO have the power to make fundamental changes in our lives, however impossible that seems sometimes from the limited perspective of the small mind. I also remembered a powerful message I received just the other day from my dear friend Linda Stewart in her powerful Tip to Transform your Money Story which is just one more sign from the universe that I am ready and willing to receive and embody this wisdom! When you are ready to receive a message from the universe it will convey it to you in multiple forms until you hear and acknowledge it!

So, for full disclosure, I will admit now that there’s a part of me that didn’t want to write this post. A part that was embarrassed to admit that I was financially challenged. But I’m writing it anyway which is a sure sign that that shadow part of me is no longer in control!

You see I consider myself a pretty successful person. I’m abundant in so many ways. I’m happy. I do what I love day in day out – taking care of my four beautiful children, running my design business on my own terms which is constantly growing and connecting me with the most amazing new clients with no effort on my part at all, writing my books, indulging in all my creative passions. I have a wonderful conscious relationship with my husband and I’m making leaps and bounds with my personal development and growth. I live a life of passion and purpose. But up until The Revelation I felt financially stifled. My life was straining to expand into something even more wonderful but the bank balance was keeping me shackled to exactly where I was. It was frustrating to say the least. Oh I was grateful for all I have, beyond grateful. But my heart, my soul KNEW that so much more than just getting by is possible – for all of us. So why couldn’t I seem to convert that knowledge into experience?

We had reached a place with our money situation where we were comfortable in the knowledge that we will always get by. This morning we did our spreadsheet for the month to track our incomings and outgoings and as usual the projections showed a sizeable discrepancy between the two figures – and, as usual, the discrepancy was in the minus. This wasn’t a particular cause of worry – it was what we expected and we’ve come to know and trust that we will scrape through – somehow. We always do. We’ve let go of the need to know where it will come from – sure it’s often through Mike’s work or my business but we’ve also often been surprised by unexpected bonuses, paybacks from the bank, gifts, large art commissions. We know our creative selves are very resourceful and we know better than to limit the possible channels for those resources by limiting our expectations for where or how money might appear. Money always shows up to cover all of those basic needs that we have listed. Stuff like rent, bills, food, in fact we have even allowed ourselves a ‘fun fund’ to cover stuff like eating out. So we were looking at our spreadsheet this morning and adding on some variables for the month – school trip payments, kids birthday parties, etc.

And that is when it dawned on me – we always manifested just enough money to cover all these things we need but never enough extra for those other things we desire? You know – holidays, personal development workshops, a new laptop, a nanny to help with childcare now and again, money to invest in the projects and businesses we are working on, to travel and see the world, for soul centred get togethers with like minded friends?

Why is that? Why could we manifest enough money for our needs but not our extraneous desires?

I understand the law of attraction. I get that our true nature is as creative beings and that we are connected within to an unlimited source of abundance and that if we experience anything to the contrary, it is an energy block within caused by a misbelief about our true nature, usually a result of subliminal conditioning since we were children. I’ve done the shadow work, explored my stories, shone a light on those deep dark crevices within. I’ve read all the books on manifestation and watched all the documentaries, I’ve put oodles of energy in the form of time and attention into attempting to bring those desired things into our lives. I’ve created vision boards and written journals. I know what my ideal life looks like and I understand the creative process – I’ve written a book about it dammit!

And right then it was suddenly so clear. The missing piece.

If you are feeling financially restrained even though you understand that you deserve, and in fact ARE abundance, maybe this will help you to convert that knowledge into experience too.

Mick Jagger said:

‘We don’t always get what we want, but we get what we need’.

Okay so that is heavily paraphrased but the essence is there. We have been looking at it all wrong, my husband and I. We are actually are bloody brilliant manifestors – we ALWAYS manifest exactly what we need. It’s our definition of ‘what we need’ that is holding us back from experiencing all that we desire.

My husband got it as soon as I said it – we’re kinda in synch like that. We looked at our spreadsheet again and laughed. We have listed there everything we perceive as what we need, but not those ‘nice little extras’ – we’ve had those tucked away in the back of our minds as desires – things that we will experience once we have an excess of money to pay for them. But that’s never gonna happen. We will never create money for those things until we consider them a necessity.

You don’t always get what you want – but if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need.

And the truth of this hit me so damn clearly. I KNEW the truth of it instantly. In fact we have experienced the truth of it in our own lives! Up until a couple of years ago neither me or my husband drove a car, for various reasons but that’s another story. And we would consider learning to drive and the sheer cost of running a car would freak us out. There’s buying the car itself, tax, MOT, repair work, petrol. How the hell do people afford that? We looked at our trusty old spreadsheet and there wasn’t a few hundred extra a month to get a car, it was impossible.

Until it became a necessity.

A growing family and moving to a more remote rural location deemed it necessary.

My husband has been driving now for a couple of years, those associated car costs have been added to our spreadsheet and apart from maybe a tighter month or two as our finances stretched to adjust, we’ve never batted an eyelid. How is that possible? Because we deemed it a necessity.

At this point we were giddy with this new revelation, it filled my mind and my being so definitely as if the concept was being gifted to me to fill the newly created space where Danica had removed my lack stories and contracts.

If we always get what we need then all we need to do is change how we view those other things we desire. Turn them into necessities. Not nice-to-haves if there is ever a bit of spare money, but necessities. Holidays and travel that feed the soul and expand the mind are a necessity. Workshops, meetups and events that open the heart and facilitate personal growth are a necessity. Investing in projects and businesses that allow you to step into your divine purpose, be of service to the world, share your passions and gifts, and contribute to the evolution of the collective consciousness is a necessity. Massages and other self care practices are a necessity. In fact, everything you or I desire is a necessity simply because anything else is a lie.

And we always get what we need.

Turning your desires into necessities sends a clear message to the universe, and the universe will expand to accommodate and facilitate that need.

Okay so this is all very nice theory, but how does that translate into action? Into something we can do differently that will create tangible results? This is where boobs come in.

Supply and demand.

Being a mother of four the youngest being seven months old, the analogy that pops into my mind is breastfeeding. You mums and dads out there will probably be familiar with the concept of supply and demand breast milk. A babies nutritional needs are constantly changing and growing and those good ol’ boobies have a magical way of keeping up with those changes and supplying exactly what is needed rather efficiently. It’s almost freaky how precisely it works. The baby goes through a growth spurt and the boobs are suddenly fuller than ever. The baby starts to wean and drops night feeds and the boobs are suddenly empty at night.

Now think of the universe as those breasts and you as that suckling baby.

Too weird? Sorry – but please bear with me! You are going through a growth spurt and you require more milk (money) so what do you do? You demand it! Though from here on out I will use the word COMmand instead of DEmand as it is much more co-creative and in alignment with the creative energy of the universe. How do we command more ? By sucking (spending).

Really. That’s it. It’s so simple. You have to spend money on the things you require money for and the money will come.

See, I’ve almost got it before, but not quite. I’ve heard it said so many times – you have to invest in yourself in order to open up the channel of abundance. You have to speculate to accumulate. And I got it, I did… but I looked at that discrepancy on the spreadsheet and I wondered what the hell do I speculate with when there is nothing spare? What the hell do I invest with when all our money is used up paying for the necessities.

These two major revelations really complete the jigsaw puzzle for me – necessity and supply and command. First you have to make all those things you desire a necessity and then you have to command them by spending money on them. It’s not enough to just spend energy in the form of time and attention on them, you HAVE to invest energy in the form of money in order to send a clear signal to the universe that you command more.

This reminds me of another quote by the ever so wise Danica in her column in this month’s Inspired World Magazine :

Buy the change you want to see in the world.

She was talking on a more global scale in terms of changing the way we live as societies and the companies and lifestyles that are predominant in our world, but the quote really works on a personal level too. Buy the change you want to see in your world. Why? Because money talks. Money is probably the most potent energy form in today’s world because we have created it as such. Money has come to represent possibility. Money has power. Spend it on the things that you have now realised are entirely necessary and the universe will respond in kind and create more of it to spend on those things.

Of course there will be a period of adjustment as the universe (boobs) have to fill up in response to your sucking (spending) and I’m not suggesting you immediately go out and book a cruise with money you don’t yet have – all that will do is reinforce your shadow stories of lack and you will be back living and experiencing your old belief systems that there is ‘not enough’ with proof that you shouldn’t desire such extravagances (the shadow aspects of your mind live nothing more than evidence to back up their misbeliefs and keep you small).

No, I’m suggesting you adjust those desires to be needs, add them to your list of monthly outgoings and gradually increase the supply by gradually increasing the command at a pace that won’t cause your limited mind to freak out.

Don’t live within your means – expand your means!

You might be familiar with the notion that all the goodies in life lie outside of your comfort zone and in order to experience them you must expand your comfort zone to accommodate them. How do you do that? By doing things that push you to the edge of your comfort zone! Things that cause you to feel discomfort, things that scare you. It’s a similar concept with money – do things that push you to the edge of your financial zone and your financial zone will expand to accommodate those things!

What does the hungry baby do when there doesn’t seem to be enough milk in the boob to satisfy his needs? He keeps sucking and at the same feed the next day there is magically more milk. It’s not his business where it comes from or how – he just knows he needs it and so he commands it. If he didn’t keep sucking he would go hungry. And if you don’t keep sucking you will keep going hungry for those things you desire, correction, need.

And so this is how I am moving forward – redefining my needs and commanding that they be met in the most powerful language of our world – money. And I have every faith that the universe (via my unlimited higher self which is of course an aspect of the great all there is) will respond by meeting my commands and supplying my needs, just as it did when we needed a car, just as it does when we need to pay for a school trip or a birthday party.

I will increase the command gradually starting with more weekends away and building up to exotic holidays, starting with one day workshops and building up to retreats in the Maldives, starting with getting a mortgage for a nice family home and building up to our dream home, and so forth.

For the first time in my life I really do believe it’s possible for me to experience financial abundance and all that it allows – in fact, I KNOW it.

I’m off to update my spreadsheet with all my newly realised needs. In fact I might rename it my Command List for Manifestation!

Who’s with me?

Abundant blessings,

Lynda Louise x

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