This world was just too much for you
The shadows too dark to see through
They crept in layers like a sheath
And you were buried underneath
A little girl, I needed you
So scared, so lost, and so confused
I saw your ups, I saw your downs
I cringed when you were talk of town
If only then that little girl knew
Just how your love tried to break through
I saw it sometimes in your eyes
And in your tears each time you cried
But I just didn’t understand
Why couldn’t you just be a man?
The world taught me to judge you too
A waste, a loser, I called you
And as I grew I closed my heart
I shut you out, made a new start
The pain, I buried it so deep
My own shadows began to creep
Like you, I tried to drown them out
By any means that came about
But often I would hear the call
Of light and truth beyond my wall
And unlike you I found my way
Into my heart and day by day
I excavated through the dark
And I began to build my ark
A vessel to sail me to truth
To save myself and save you too
For now I know that we are one
And as my construct comes undone
I find you there still in my heart
A light now pierces through the dark
For I see you with eyes brand new
I see the light of good in you
The open vulnerability
So deeply now it touches me
Never could you close your heart
And so you felt the pain so stark
This world was just too much for you
The shadows too dark to see through
Eventually you set yourself free
Released yourself to simply be
Free from struggles, free from strife
Free from this confusing life
Now dad, I just want you to know
I feel you here, I feel your soul
I love you dad, I always did
And now I’ve taken off the lid
That kept my love buried so deep
Now love is free, not mine to keep
I thank you now from deep inside
For the gift of you here in my life
Please know I wouldn’t change a thing
I see the lessons that you bring
To really feel, to open up
Even when life seems so tough
You taught me to find my truth
You taught me to be the proof
This world was just too much for you
The shadows to dark to see through
So now I live it for us both
Befriending fear, this is my oath
I live from love that you may too
I love you dad, know this is true