I Wonder

Do you remember the magical sense of wonder you experienced as a child? Do you remember the uninhibited delight you felt when playing, running, and laughing with your friends? Do you remember summer days that felt endless and were full of delicious possibility?  Perhaps you can recall the emotions you experienced when reading a good book or watching a wonderful film, or even when daydreaming? You may be surprised to realise how powerful these feelings were, and still are now when you allow yourself to recapture that sense of childhood wonder, and how you can embrace them to begin to infuse your life with a magical newness and rich opportunities.

I remember as a child how easily a feeling of wonder was evoked in me, and how much joy that feeling gave me. Often I dreamed of flying, opening my window and launching myself into the night sky with no bonds to hold me down, soaring over houses and trees, towns and cities, liberated. In another recurring dreams I recall taking a car and embarking on a great adventure, destination unknown. I can remember so clearly navigating dark empty streets, knowing that an important mission lay ahead for me. I always awoke from these dreams with a sense of magic and freedom. Christmas inspired feelings of anticipation, that magical sense of something wonderful unfolding. In fact, the festive time of year was the time most full of this magical atmosphere of possibility. Just the sheer excitement of the whole period, carols and decorations, movies and cozy fires. My sister and I tucked up in our beds, spinning festive stories in excited whispers, feeding our joy. And it wasn’t about the presents, it was more about that sense of unity, that shared indulgence of so many people in just feeling good!

Storms too, would be a catalyst for this state if wonder; howling winds and lashing rain whipped up in me a delightful sense of adventure and mystery. Thunder and Lightning conjured up a tempest within, a tempest of elation. All these experiences and many more would ignite a fire inside me, a lust that could only be sated by the act of creation. In this state I simply had to create! It was more than just an urge, it was a need, a need that would keep me awake and fired up until expressed, until birthed. As a child I would satisfy this impulse by creating a drawing or writing a story.

The Gateway

I know now that these feelings were my connection to a deeper place, to the creative consciousness that is our source. Wonder, anticipation, and mystery are all gateways to this place, for it’s a place that is far greater than space and time, a place that exists on a quantum level. As such, we can’t think or analyze our way there, we can’t go there physically. Look again at the descriptions above of all the things that took me to this place. See the words I have used to describe it: feelings, senses, dreams, emotions, atmosphere, imagination. These are not physical or quantifiable things, they are energetic qualities. We must feel our way to this magical place.

I still often experience this spontaneous connection to creative consciousness and it is usually sparked by outward inspiration. Often it happens when out walking in nature; the way sunlight plays through the spring leaves on the trees can light this fire, the waves rolling onto a pebbly beach can also ignite this flame. Often I will be walking with my husband on a gloomy day, rain lashing from the early evening sky, car headlights and streetlights reflecting in the puddles, and capturing the raindrops in their beams, and I will feel my pulse race, my breath quicken, and I will declare “I have to write a story.” Right there and then in that moment is when the seeds are planted for that new story. At this stage in the process I will indulge in this energy of pure potential, swimming in it, immersing myself in it, allowing it to wash over me, allowing my imagination to run wild in these waves of possibility. Ideas and storylines will start to emerge, to form from the formless. I might make notes of some of these sensations but I wont yet cling to them, I will let them shift and grow before grasping them with my mind and forcing them into a definite shape.


I welcome and embrace the enchanting sense of mystery that takes me to this place from where all my creations are planted and tended. I believe it’s my openness to this place that has made me so successful as a creator. Not just as an artist and a writer, but also as a conscious creator of my very life, including the creation of a wonderful relationship with a man I am deeply in love with, the creation of a beautiful family, the creation of a thriving personal business through which I make a living doing what I love (website and graphic design services for inspirational people whose intentions are perfectly aligned with my own purpose), the creation of a cherished network of supportive and inspiring friends (the tribe), and the creation of innumerable amazing opportunities and experiences throughout my life journey. I believe it’s possible for everyone to revisit this place, to learn to let go and allow themselves to enter the realms of possibility, the creative consciousness. From there, we can truly create something new in our lives. This is the first stage in the process of conscious creation. In fact it’s not even the first stage, it’s simply setting the scene, preparing the fertile ground.

I know we often lose this ability to connect to a sense of wonder as we grow up and are encouraged to live in the ‘real’ world, but I highly recommend redefining your definition of real. If you believe only what you can experience with your physical senses, you will never allow for something new to become a part of your reality. Suspend your disbelief for a moment and wander in wonder, move into mystery, embrace your creative essence and watch your world come alive with magic. What have you got to lose?

With Love,



In my forthcoming book, Awakening to Your Super Power: The Art of Conscious Creation, I explore this subject in far greater depth. In this book I invite you on a  journey to explore what you are, where you came from, why you are here, and how you created your life thus far. I also offer you a simple process through which you can begin to consciously create your life in alignment with your deepest desires and intentions. To keep updated with new of the books release, please subscribe to my newsletter: