The awakening call is an inner yearning for change, that feeling that something in life doesn’t quite fit, that it lacks purpose, that there must be more. I suspect you have felt that calling before, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this post. The calling can come in moments and then get drowned by the louder voices of responsibility and fear, or it can sometimes sing for days, weeks, and months. But how do we make that transition from living this life we have been taught to live, this controlled life of fitting into the mold that’s been cast by many before us, to living the life our soul desires? How do we make that transition from mundane to magical? It’s not always a big leap into the unknown that takes you across that bridge, it’s far easier to get across in small steps, one moment at a time. We are talking about a shift in perspective here, and as with everything, this journey happens within. The outer changes will happen, but they will become a projection of the inner adjustments that we make.

Listen to your inner chatter. Remember to become the observer throughout your day and see the conversations that go on in your mind. You will start to recognise the different voices. There will be many. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal – it doesn’t mean you are headed for the loony bin, it simply means you are awakening to your true reality as a dual aspect being. You may begin to notice voices of fear, doubt, anger or judgement. Don’t be ashamed of these parts of your self; instead feel compassionate towards them. You created them in response to the world you experienced. They are very real parts of you and they need your acceptance and acknowledgement. Treat them as you would little children, but know that you, the REAL you, the large, unlimited YOU, the you who is listening to those other voices, is in control now.

This voice of your true self will be one of optimism, of courage, of vision, and faith. The more you acknowledge all the other voices as you go about your day, the more you will become the true you, and the more you will see this inner adjustment reflected in your outer world. But remember, it doesn’t happen overnight. Often you will become one of these smaller parts of you and travel in that part for some time, seeing through their eyes, clinging to their stories and woes. Don’t be hard on yourself when this happens. This is simply the process. As soon as you notice that another small part of you has been in control, gently ask them what they need, and give it to them. Let that part of you express themselves in a healthy way. Maybe through art or writing, through singing or dancing. Maybe even just a hot bath with candles. Let that part of you know they are taken care of. It may sound crazy, but you are a timeless being. No part of you ceases to exist just because you grown up. If you lock all these parts of you in some inner closet and deny their existence, they will find ways to leak out in your life. You will see them expressed as people and situations that you do not welcome. Once you have consciously met the needs of those parts of you, you become the caring compassionate observer once again. In doing this you are healing your inner children, you are changing your stories and patterns. It’s that simple. As you continue through this process, you will begin to see opportunities opening up before you aligned with your soul’s desires, intentions, and purpose. This is very exciting – this is when you start to really notice your world changing in response to your inner work. You will be amazed. You will be delighted. You will also be terrified. Why? Because change is scary.

Embracing Chaos

The human mind loves order. It loves structure, and rules, and permanence. As humans we crave these things to make us feel safe. One of the first things we need to realise in order to embrace our superpowers and live a magical life is that order is an illusion. Structure is an illusion. Permanence is an illusion. Nothing lasts forever. We know that everything is simply energy with different levels of awareness, vibrating at different frequencies, constantly shifting to create the forms we experience in our world, and therefore all that exists is actually disordered, impermanent chaos. We have to become okay with this.

Change is intrinsic to life. Growth is intrinsic to life. Chaos is intrinsic to life. Embracing chaos is the only way to change and grow, as is the soul’s urge, as is the soul’s very purpose. Look beyond the order and structures of our world, for they are an illusion of the limited mind, and of the race mind. Clinging to the need for everything to be a certain way, to follow a certain path and achieve certain results will only lead to a limited, stifled and unfulfilled life. If you truly desire an infusion of something new in your life, something magical, something your soul has been craving, then it is time to really embrace chaos. Of course we need to see and exist within these structures, within this world, but we can exist also beyond it. We can lift the veil and see the infinite well of possibility that lies beyond. We can invite that infinite creative energy of pure potential into our very being and in doing so we will open up to a whole new world of possibility.

So how do we do this? We shout a big energetic YES to ourselves. We make that YES louder than any of the fears and doubts the small mind answers with. And we become okay with not knowing. As you open up and invite change into your life, you have to allow for a degree of uncertainty. You are now operating on a level beyond the physical – you are co-creating consciously with the divine forces of your world and as such, your human mind cannot know or comprehend what is happening or what might lie ahead for you. You have to become comfortable with this not knowing. It’s in the chaotic uncertainty that the magic happens. Embrace the beautiful chaos.

With Love



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