You have many superpowers and the most powerful of those is the power of creation. I honestly believe with all my heart as a direct result of my own experiences, that we create every single thing we experience in our lives. We don’t always create it consciously – in fact, until we awaken to the fact that we are actually creating everything, we pretty much fumble through life unaware that we are shaping our own life experience via our very thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, therefore creating it entirely sub-consciously! We are still creating it – but we are doing it without the part of our mind that is focussed here in this time-space reality being aware of our powers of creation. As a result, we are often left feeling unsatisfied with our lot in life, wishing for more but not realising we and only we have the power to create it. As long as you believe life is happening to you and not through you, you will always hold something outside of yourself responsible for your happiness and you will never achieve your hearts desires.

However, you are becoming aware of this truth – or you wouldn’t have found your way to this post right? So if you are wiling to just go with me for a moment, to suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to wonder with the part of you that is beyond your rational, reasoning mind, I will explain a little about the process of creation. We will explore how creation works, why your life currently looks the way it does, and how you can begin to consciously create the life you desire.

How do We Create Our Reality?

One of the forms of creation we are most familiar with is creation of a new life. All creation follows the same basic process: passion, conception, nurturing, growth and when the time is right, birth. It takes the union of both physical and non physical forces to create, and all creation is a miracle! Now let’s look at how you may have followed these stages sub-consciously to create the life you see today:

Passion and Conception: This is the first, and really the key stage of creation. As with the physical act of lovemaking, when you are passionate about something you are sowing the seeds of creation, you are conceiving something new. But passionate comes in many forms, and the Universal forces that you are co-creating with don’t discern between what you want and what you don’t want, these forces work on feelings and energy, they feel the passion you are generating and begin to feed that passion, to align the non-physical energies to create something new in response to that passion. Is there something in your life you created that you were thrilled with? can you remember the passion you felt about it before it happened? Maybe a new job, a new relationship, even a delicious meal you cooked. At some point before that thing existed, you felt passionate about it. It doesn’t matter what drove that passion, it may have been desire, need, fear of failure… as soon as you felt passionately about it and focussed your attention on it with passion, you set the wheels of creation in process. The same is true of things that you didn’t want to experience in your life. Maybe you have experienced lack of money, illness, unhappy relationships… how do you feel when you think of these experiences that were less than desirable? Do you remember feeling passionate about them? Passionately angry, or sad, or frustrated? Even if the feeling is ‘negative’ it can still be passionate, and passion still sows the seeds of creation. I say this with no judgement at all, it is not wrong that you created these things in your experience, it’s simply what is. Many of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that are at the root of these creations are a result of your early experiences and conditioning in life, and it is your path to recognise these parts of you and to realise that they are not true. This is just the first stage of creation and without the following stages, the creation will never be birthed into your world.

Nurturing and Growth: As with a pregnancy of physical life, once the seed has been sown, you are pregnant with your new creation. Non-physical energies are gathering together to shape and feed that which you have conceived. At this stage you tend to your pregnancy, you feed it with your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Think back to that which you have experienced in your life which was wonderful. Let’s take a new job. You felt passionate about it, you decided you wanted it, and the seed was planted. So if you’d left it there, never thought about it again, and never taken inspired action – nothing would have happened right? You must have spent some time feeding that pregnancy, talking about it with friends, contemplating how fab it would be, and taking action such as applying for the job and attending the interview. The same goes for any other situations you have experienced in your life. Including the ones you think you didn’t want. Let’s take the lack of money… so you felt passionately scared abut being broke, and you planted the seed of a new creation that you are broke (I know it might sound like the same old creation – and it is – but it is also new because we get to choose in every moment what we create, and so every time you feel passionately broke, you are deciding to create more of that in your life), and now you are pregnant with brokeness. You tend it unlovingly – you see signs of being broke everywhere to back up your beliefs about your brokeness, you talk about it, complain about it, you feed it every day. I know, you probably think I am crazy at this point, why would you choose to create brokeness Well you didn’t know you were choosing it, but now you do! Don’t worry, we are going to look at how to start creating consciously what you do want in just a moment!

Birth: Up until this point, your creation has existed in the non-physical only. When the time is right, when the preparations have all been made and the pregnancy is full term, you are ready to give birth! Maybe you start the new job, maybe you meet the man of your dreams, or maybe you are just broke yet again, whatever the case, this is the stage when your creation comes to life in the physical world – this is the stage of manifestation! Sometimes creations don’t get to this point…. and this is usually because you have an opposing idea or belief that is more powerful than this one. If you didn’t get the job maybe you began to feel more passionately that you didn’t deserve it than that you did? Maybe some deep rooted belief systems came into play and planted a new creation for you – a less desirable one.

How to Create Consciously

Now you can start to notice what sparks the most passion in you (whether ‘positive’ or ‘negative’) and how that relates to that which you have created in your life experience. Can you see the pattern? Can you begin to notice how your life is a result of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs? Well now you understand you have a superpower – the power of creation – you can begin to create consciously the life that you desire. I am not saying it’s easy, I am not saying you can instantly manifest everything you ever wanted (though some people are capable of this), but I am saying you have the choice to become conscious of the fact that you are creating your life experience and you choose to begin the journey within, the journey of discovering how you have created your life thus far, and how to change direction. Remember the early conditioning and experiences in your life have constructed in you an intricate set of rules for what you believe is possible for you. You can’t break down this construct overnight, but you can begin to gradually expand the boundaries of you belief – the boundaires of what is possible for you in your life. Allow your life, and any undesirable experiences, to become a guidance system to point you within, to show you the parts of yourself that need to be heard and loved, the parts that have misguided beliefs, that don’t feel good enough, or worthy enough…. you will gradually become the observer, the larger part of you that can reassure those smaller confused parts of yourself, and then you can begin to create from this larger part of you. This larger part of you, this observer, is capable of anything.

In my forthcoming book, Awakening to Your Superpowers: The Art of Conscious Creation, I will be exploring in more detail what you are, why you exist, and how you can create a life of purpose and success. To be updated when the book is released, please sign up for my newsletter on the right >>>

With Love, Lynda