In the early years of my life I was a seeker. I had so many questions and I needed to know the answers: What are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? As I witnessed humankind around me, on television, and in films, I was perplexed. It seemed that we live our lives with the apparent intention of achieving outward success, as defined by some mutually agreed but unspoken standard by accumulating as many status symbols as we can in the form of material stuff, family setup, awards, qualifications, and titles, with an underlying belief that when we meet this standard and are deemed ‘good enough’ by others, we will achieve contentment. And then we die. Game Over.
That was my perception of the world, but I could see problems with it. Firstly, the goal posts seemed to be constantly moving – there was always another step, always something more to achieve before we met the standard and therefore we could never actually achieve this elusive contentment. Secondly, we do all this and then just die, just cease to exist entirely? Really? Well that seemed, quite frankly, implausible. There must be more than that, I often thought. But most humans seemed to fear death, as humankind we appeared to be on a constant quest to extend life, to ward off the evil Grim Reaper, and the death of loved ones was always exclaimed to be ‘terrible’ and ‘tragic’. It was hard not to adopt this fear, this belief in death as THE END, and I did buy into this, for a while.
Yet some inner voice kept nagging away, a voice that felt wiser than me and seemed to have no fear. It just kept whispering – urging me to ask more questions and seek more answers. And the answers came – they showed up throughout my childhood and teenage years in the forms of people, books, and even animals. Messages that led me on a journey of understanding our true nature and why we are really here. I stared to see a pattern to it all – I wondered about something and then the answers appeared as if by magic. This wise little part of me knew that it was no coincidence. This voice has grown louder over the years to the point where I now know this voice is me; the core part of me. In accepting that this is me, rather than holding it apart as some wise entity that is separate to me, I have come to know that we really are far more than just physical beings. So what does it mean to be a spiritual being? Well, it means there is far more to what we are than just this material three-dimensional world we are currently experiencing; that we are spiritual beings existing in this physical form with a purpose far greater than the stuff we accumulate or the judgements made about us by others, and that we do not cease to exist when the physical body dies. Understanding this gives a new meaning to life, allows us to create a new definition of success. Life becomes about fulfillment and and our capacity for it grows exponentially. When we understand what we really are, and that our purpose is the expansion of our very being, life becomes magical.