Imagine for a moment, if you will… a land of superbeings – beings of consciousness so powerful they can in fact create at will and are driven by a passionate urge to create. Their every thought and desire instantly manifested, the air charged with pure potential, unlimited creative energy ready to respond to the creators’ ideas – their world a shifting landscape of imagination, a constantly evolving dance of co-creation. These superbeings know they are all in fact one consciousness, all born of the imagination of the one master creator, all working together in collaboration to respond to the creative urge and push the boundaries of possibility as they create new, and more new, and yet more new still, and they revel in that which they create even as they feel the lust to expand again the edges of creation – an orgasm of imagination, an impregnation of possibility, resulting in the birth of something new once again. And so the cycle continues in this land of creation, and these passionate superbeings experience sheer love and joy as they fulfill their very purpose of existence – expansion.

Now imagine a group of these superbeings conceive of the idea for a new creation, another level on which they can experience the power of their creative nature and therefore expand their consciousness further still. A game, almost. Let’s call it the Game of Life. Imagine if they conceived and therefore instantly manifest the playing field for this game – a hologram born of their collective imagination, consisting of planets and moons and stars – let’s call it The Universe. Imagine they adorn one particular area of this hologram with lands and oceans, let’s call this Planet Earth. With the tools of their powerful and unlimited imaginations they paint this world with light and shade, creating the illusion of form.

Imagine they create avatars for themselves through which they can play the Game of Life – humans and animals amongst the forms these avatars take. Imagine if through the process of being birthed to another avatar, these superbeings which are in fact one superbeing experiencing itself as many, enter this world of their imagination, injecting a part of their consciousness into the avatar, so they can play the Game of Life. Imagine these avatars have the power of the superbeings which created them, the power to create at will. This hologram which they are experiencing, this Planet Earth, in this Universe, would of course be ever changing, every shifting to respond to the new ideas of the avatars as they explore this land and interacted with other avatars – they would be ever evolving their Life Experience. The consciousness of these avatars could never be separated from the consciousness of the superbeings who created them, and the superbeings would always have the power to change the playing field, to enter or leave whenever they wished (birth and death).

Now imagine if after a time these avatars forgot what they were, forgot that they had in fact created this very world in which they existed, forgot that they were constantly creating their very Life Experience. The avatars would continue to create their existence, but they would do so unknowingly. Imagine if they started to believe that this hologram was all that existed, that the forms of the world were finite and could be used up– their creation would be limited by the constraints and fears that of the avatars new limited ideas and beliefs – the creative energy would respond to these ideas and beliefs and would create a Life Experience of lack. Avatars would forget they are connected, and would fight for the resources they believe are limited, the resources they believe they will die without. Imagine if these avatars began to fear leaving this world they had created, to believe that they could be harmed, that their entire being could cease to be, that this Game of Life was in fact a Game of Survival. Their World Experience would become one of danger and manipulation, blame and judgement. Imagine if they kept repeating these same patterns because they forgot how to invoke the power of their imagination and create new. Imagine if they forgot that they are the very source of their own Life Experience – they would look to the forms of their world to temporarily fulfill their lusts for joy and passion and creation. Imagine how that world would look to them.

Now imagine if they remembered again – if the voice of the superbeing that is their very source whispered to them in the still of the night – if the landscape of their world shifted and they started to notice little ‘coincidences’, little miracles, little manifestations that ignited something inside their hearts, some deep knowing. Imagine if people, and books, and messages, magically appeared to them which reminded them a little more. Imagine if they awakened to their true reality as a creator and released the limited beliefs and patterns they had been playing out for so long. Imagine if they remembered that they were in fact superbeings playing a game of expansion , imagine them embracing their creative nature, creating once again at will and in alignment with the purpose of the superbeing. Imagine how it would feel for them to release the fears, the doubts, the limitations, the judgments. Imagine the joy they would experience – the passion, the pleasure.

Just imagine.