My love, my ever cherished one
Love swells inside and words do come

Milling, swirling from within
Expressing bliss that I am in
I dance this dance of life with you
Swaying to a distant flute
It’s sweet tune calls persistently
A soulbeat does respond in me
And in this form our eyes did meet
Our hearts aligned with that soul beat
A memory stirred, not of the mind
Our lives they did respond in kind
So young, our years, in this life stream
A flash in all eternity
And as the years unfurled around
We played our parts on this playground
Stories handed down and down
Retold at times by our own mouths
And there you were so constantly
A mirror shining back at me
And always it came back to truth
Nothing between us to prove
A contract signed from way beyond
Support, allow, with truth respond
And always just beyond the form
Wordless, endless, love reborn
A compass pulling constantly
Me to you and you to me
Truth ever present here in you
Your touch, your eyes, your smile too
In your breath and in-between
The spaces we don’t need to fill
They say so much, they say it all
As further into you I fall
And in that place, there I am me
I’m everything, yes I am free
That essence sparks my heart aflame
Making me more this very day
And tomorrow, and the next
For timeless love it knows no end
Thank you never will suffice
For the gift of our union in this life
Reflected in your loving being
I know the strength that I am seeing
Is truly courage of my own
To step into the yet unknown
With faith that your love bred in me
So I can dance to my soulbeat
And with you dancing by my side
What a joyous, magical ride!

– Lynda Louise Mangoro

Thank you for reading my poetry, they are my deepest self laid bare. I would like to offer you a free book with a selection of my poems Swimming in Essence: Poetry by Lynda Louise Mangoro. If you enjoy, please share with your friends.