The sinking sun that in it’s wane
Sets the Western sky aflame

The grass bejeweled with morning dew
Glistening each day anew
The lights that shimmer on the ground
As crystal rain comes pelting down
The squeals of children as they play
Open and true in every way
The many wondrous lives I lead
With every magical book I read
The silent love that says so much
A million words with every touch
The walks I take each glorious day
As trees and birdsong light my way
The smile from someone I don’t know
We are one, my heart says so
The peaceful vibe each Sunday morn
Stillness, joy, and love reborn
So many things that make me glow
Here’re just a few that feed my soul

– Lynda Louise Mangoro

Thank you for reading my poetry, they are my deepest self laid bare. I would like to offer you a free book with a selection of my poems Swimming in Essence: Poetry by Lynda Louise Mangoro. If you enjoy, please share with your friends.