Young clouds drifting lazily
Deepest twilight sky
Enchanted, I drift with them now
As you lay by my side
Crescent moon plays peek-a-boo
Bestowing us with light
Lunar lantern lovingly
Bathing us this night
Moon-glow paints us tenderly
It plays upon your skin
Captivated, flying now
Sheer beauty I breathe in
And in your eyes I see the truth
Of everything I am
Essence of the purest love
Evaporates the dam
No barriers between us now
No anything at all
Intimate, endless, formless bliss
In love and in free fall
In this abyss where nothing is
Here I find everything
In this place, whole worlds conceived
In rapture, our souls sing

– Lynda Louise Mangoro

Thank you for reading my poetry, they are my deepest self laid bare. I would like to offer you a free book with a selection of my poems Swimming in Essence: Poetry by Lynda Louise Mangoro. If you enjoy, please share with your friends.