In the Beginning

So how did we come to be? Why does this world of form exist? Please remember this is the truth of it all as I understand it. These concepts, for me, largely came from books such as Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and The Planetary Commission by John R Price.

In the beginning there was this one pure Source energy that some refer to as God. This Source was all there was. It was infinite, it was ALL, it was magnificent, perfect. And it was conscious. But it order to experience it’s own perfection, in order to KNOW itself, it had to have a point of reference – something other than itself. As this infinitely intelligent Source energy was ALL there was, it couldn’t create something other than itself, so it conceived the idea to create an illusion of something other than itself by changing the vibration of itself, its own energy, to create the appearance of ‘other’. It could never really separate itself from itself but it could create the idea of multiple beings. It could create multiple points of consciousness.

And so it did.

Because this infinitely intelligent being has the power to create through it’s ideas, it’s very consciousness IS creation.

So, many ‘beings’ were formed – Souls as we often refer to them – angels and other beings too, probably so many more than I know of or can comprehend from my human mind! And then the Source intelligence, the Creator, created the idea of Universes – worlds. And again, I can only refer to our own world, our own Universe, our own Solar System – that which I am currently experiencing. So within this world it created the idea of things – mountains, oceans, trees, all the THINGS that make up our world. And because this Creator actually made all things OUT OF ITSELF, all it needed to do was choose, think, decide, what to create and so it was. Different forms of this energy appeared by a mere shift in the vibration of the energy – the energy that makes the atoms, that make the particles, that make all things in this three dimensional, physical world (remember the science bit?) – and it made them work perfectly in flow with each other. Nature is pretty wonderful right? You see, it’s all made from the same thing – it’s all made from Source energy vibrating at different speeds, responding to the IDEAS of itself (God, Source energy).

Souls made manifest

And then some souls chose to experience this world, to live upon the planet Earth.. and because all souls ARE individual aspects of the Source energy – the infinitely intelligent Source energy experiencing itself – they COULD choose, they could create the idea of a physical body for themselves in which to experience the Earth plane by just conceiving the idea of the physical body. The physical body was formed from this idea- from energy vibrating at a lower, denser rate which now vibrated at a level than could experience the ‘things’, the ‘matter’ and ‘forms’ of this physical world. Another aspect of the souls energy was lowered in vibration to create the thinking mind (sometimes called the lower mind, the ego), and this part of the souls consciousness stayed at this lower level.

So now we have the body, the mind, and the spirit (Higher Self which is ALWAYS still a part of us – the REAL part of us). And for a time these physical life forms lived as the amazing and powerful creators they were – creating at will from the Higher Mind (by just conceiving the idea of that which it wanted, and so it WAS because creation is that natural process of this world around us – it is ALL created by energy of MATTER responding to thoughts and ideas of the lower mind, which responded to the will of the Higher Self).