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Hi Loves, I’m Lynda, the Creative Genie. I’m an artist, designer, author, creative entrepreneur and mentor. I dream dreams into life in many forms and I am here to help you do the same. Welcome to my world, it’s wonderful to have you here…

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Design & illustration for coaches & authors

Soulful Sales Pages, Branding Magic, Wow-Factor Websites, Book Genie Packges & More...


Inspiration for everyone

An online platform for creative genies to share their magic in the form of articles, poetry, and artwork.

Blog: Your Creative Superpower

You have many superpowers and the most powerful of those is the power of creation. I honestly believe with all my heart as a direct result of my own experiences, that we create every single thing we experience in our lives. We don't always create it consciously - in...

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Blog: From Seeking to Knowing

In the early years of my life I was a seeker. I had so many questions and I needed to know the answers: What are we? Where do we come from? Why are we here? As I witnessed humankind around me, on television, and in films, I was perplexed. It seemed that we live our...

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Blog: Just Imagine…

Imagine for a moment, if you will… a land of superbeings – beings of consciousness so powerful they can in fact create at will and are driven by a passionate urge to create. Their every thought and desire instantly manifested, the air charged with pure potential,...

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V-Blog: Take Responsibility for the Creation of Your Life

Taking responsibility for the creation of your life is so important because it empowers you to begin to create it consciously, and when you understand your life is a mirror, you can follow the reflection back to its source and make internal adjustments to alter the...

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Blog: I’m a Winner!

As many of you know from my recent posts on facebook, I attended the National Women Inspiring Women Awards in Birmingham on Saturday, at which I was nominated for the Woman to Watch/Rising Star Award. I'd like to take a minute to tell you why I'm a winner despite not...

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Blog: Your Soul’s Calling

I got to pondering this morning, as I so often do, lying in my bed in gazing at the sky outside my window in the early hours while, my family slept soundly and my world slowly awakened. I was pondering how my soul calls to me, in so many ways, and how over the years...

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Blog: Begin to Create Your Life Consciously

Everything is energy - even things that appear solid. This whole world is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Whatever its form, the energy of your world all originates from the same source - the same creative essence. You too originate from this creative...

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If you can dream it... can create it

Spirit Animal Goodies & More in Creative Genie Art Store

Immersing yourself and your home in the essence of the spirit animal infuses your life with their powerful energy. Lynda’s channeled Spirit Animal Art pieces are available as canvas prints, photographic prints, framed prints, cushion covers, phone cases and more.

We are all born with the power to create

How will you use that power?

Soul Portraits

Lynda is a talented and creative artist that gets it!

I feel so blessed to have her as the logo and website designer for our international projects.

I highly recommend her.

Lilou Mace

Web Tv Host, International Speaker & Author

Working with Lynda is an absolute joy! Her creative and branding genius is a given – but what makes collaborating with her so special is that there’s no ego involved, instead it’s as though we’re working in partnership at the highest level, to create the perfect outcome.

Olivia Stefanino

Coach, Author & Magic Maker, Be Your Own Guru

The Tribe is Gathering. Let's Connect!

Come hang out with me on social media or send me a message below. I really look forward to getting to know you and your magic.