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Spirit Animal Art – Originals

Lynda connects with the spirit of the animals and channels their magic into her artwork, infusing it into the very fabric of the painting so it may touch all who witness it. These are all original pieces painted in acrylics on a 30x24″ boxed canvas.

What are Spirit Animals?

Animals are wondrous creatures with many amazing powers. According to Native American teachings, humans were created to be guardians of the garden of Earth, and understood that they were just a part of all things. In thse early days humans revered nature, respected all living beings, and had a close connection and communication with our kin in the animal kingdom.

American Indians and many other cultures globally still give special recognition to the power of the animal spirits, also known as totem animals. It is said that connection to the animal guides may teach us their powers and lessons of life. Each Animal has its own Medicine which is unique to that specific creature. The natural power of animal spirit guides has not been lost. The knowledge and power of spirit animal guides can be effectively used to improve our lives and all of creation.

How do I find my Spirit Animal?

Discovering your spirit animal guides is a process of paying attention to the spirits around you and following the signs, developing your inner knowledge and spiritual understanding. You can connect to your spirit animal through meditation, prayer, and by taking notice of your dreams. It is possible to have more than one spirit animal guide as you have multiple spirit guides in other forms.

Creative Genie Art Prints

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Soul Portraits & Other Commissioned Artwork

I love painting and drawing unique pieces specifically for you and your home, from portraits to landscapes and anything inbetween. Details available upon request, each piece is custom painted and specific to your desires and requirements. Use the contact form below to get in touch and we can have a chat!

Oh Lynda! I have no words…a gentle recognition stirs with me, a knowing, a peaceful joy of your amazing ability to see my soul and interpret it into something for all to see. I LOVE IT (Soul Portrait)…big time”

Claudia Burnett


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