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Hello and Welcome!

profileThanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet, it’s such a pleasure to have you here. This webiste is a reflection of my passions, my purpose, my creations, my world – Creative Genie World. It’s also a hub for all my many Creative Genie services and offerings.

Have a look around you’ll find something here that will inspire or transform you in some way.

Whether it’s my artwork or poetry, my blogs or books, my design services or creative mentoring, my intention with everything I offer in the world – is to express the magic that bubbles within and to inspire and transform others!

I’m what could be called a compulsive creator. It’s hard to define myself as I fit into so many boxes – I simply love to connect to the source within, the creative essence, and allow it to flow through me into some form or another.

Alchemy, Magic – Hence the Creative Genie.

Keep scrolling to explore some of those different channels and forms that my creations have taken. I’m always growing into new avenues for my creative expression.

Of all my many creations, that which continues to bring me the most joy is the family I have created with my husband. We have four beautful sons and I feel blessed every day to be living this magical life and to be living it MY way.

My Art

I’ve always been an artist, for as long as I can remember. But aren’t well, as children? I spent many of my school lessons doodling and then my art became more sophisticated, more detailed as I studied form and light and shade, and took time and care over the work I produced.

Creating brings me so much joy – but it’s even more than that. Creating is like a secret doorway, a portal to the source of all things from where the very essence of the universe can be harnessed and shaped into anything.

Creating art in any form, drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, music – it’s like accessing magic, and once you’re connected to that magic, it infuses your whole life. It awakens that potent divine creative power within which can be used to deliciously create in all areas of life, to create abundance and adventures, joy and success, to create dreams as reality.

Moreover, it allows crucial sacred expression of all the aspects of self – the emotions, the stories, the pain, the joy, the confusion, the clarity. All of my creations hold the energy of parts of my very being.

Creative Genie Design

After many years of providing web & graphic design, technical support and illustrations to many high profile coaches and pioneers of healing and consciousness, I called in a team to support me in supporting others, and Creative Genie Design was born.

I absolutely love connecting with like-hearted people and using my gifts to support their passion and purpose, to help them and their gifts to shine in the world.

It’s really far more than a design business, it’s about co-creating – connecting to the creative essence and capturing the energy of the person, product, event, or service and channeling it into designs and websites, graphics and illustrations. It’s a powerful and transformational experience.


Design & illustration for coaches & authors

Soulful Sales Pages, Branding Magic, Wow-Factor Websites, Book Genie Packges & More…

What is there not to LOVE about working with Lynda. Asides from her being uber talented, she is such a joy to work with. She’s easy going, happy, loves you, loves her work, open to what you have to say, listens to what you want, intuitively guided, prompt….that’s just for starters!

Natasha Black

Life Coach & Founder - The Soul Sanctuary

Creative Genie Books

Writing has always been an outlet for the feelings and stories that bubble within. Even as a child and young teenager I would write poems and short stories, exploring this world and many others born of my imagination through wrods.

Words are magical, words are powerful, words can transform and inspire, uplift and ignite

Creative Genie Books is the channel through which I will soon publish my own children’s books, all of which are written with the intention of sharing the spiritual magic that I’m discovering along my journey in a way that will delight young people and sow beautiful seeds of wisdom in their minds and hearts.

A wonderful springboard for conversation, perfect for those parents who have learned to create real magic in their lives and want to share that understanding with their lucky children!

Lisa McCourt

best-selling author of I Love You, Stinky Face and Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self

Creative Genie Magazine

The idea to create an online magazine was born from my desire to use my skills and experience to provide a platform on which people could freely express themselves through their art – whether it’s writing, music, or visual arts. wanted ot give people with a message a voice to share their inspiration with the world.

Creative Genie Magazine is a collection of inspirational articles, features, and media. The magazine is fluid, an open platform for inspirational people from all walks of life and changemakers to share articles, writing, and art that will provoke inspiration and open minds and hearts. My only intention being to inspire people and provoke in them the notion that even more is possible – for their lives and for the world, promoting a new conscious way of living. Creative Genie Magazine is an ever evolving and growing collaboration.

It’s a paperless magazine, delivered via the website and it’s completely free for all to read and share.

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Inspiration for everyone

An online platform for creative genies to share their magic in the form of articles, poetry, and artwork.

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